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社会心理学social psychology essay代写 ,代写Cognitive Psychology. 临床心理学clinical psychology论文代写paper,代写Learning and .. College of San Mateo Final Exam Exercise Fall Semester, 2018, Courtship, Marriage, and F..

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社会心理学social psychology essay代写,代写Cognitive Psychology. 临床心理学clinical psychology论文代写paper,代写Learning and ..
College of San Mateo
Final Exam Exercise
Fall Semester, 2018, Courtship, Marriage, and Family
Shani Robins, Ph.D.
For each of the multiple choice questions below, please indicate what you think is the best
answer. If you think some questions have more than one answer, take a depth breath, use the
opportunity to practice tolerance for ambiguity, and choose the one that is best or most correct.
1. According to John Gottman the biggest predictor of divorce is
A. There is no way to predict it
B. Not doing what your spouse tells you to
C. Disrespect and/or contempt
D. None of the above
2. After an argument, Gottman suggests that a couple should
A. Apologize and ask “are you ok”
B. “Turn towards” each other
C. Change the subject
D. A and B
3. According to lecture discussion accommodation is
A. New data comes in and you change your mind because of it
B. A place to stay when you’re on vacation
C. You are set in your ways and others must change to accommodate you
D. None of the above
4. Gratitude would best be described as
A. Not taking things for granted
B. Expecting everything to be handed to us
C. Taking what we want
D. None of the above
5. According to class discussion & readings, emotional intelligence can best be described as
A. Awareness & regulating emotions
B. Getting good grades
C. Having a high IQ
D. Achieving success in one’s career
6. According to class discussion the frequency and duration of an argument can
A. Go down with practice
B. Will always be the same no matter what
C. Will get better if you can just do what your spouse says
D. None of the above
7. According to Gottman love maps can best be described as
A. A diagram that you can never seem to re-fold correctly once it is opened.
B. Learning one another’s likes, dislikes, hopes, dreams and values.
C. All of the above
D. None of the above
8. According to class discussion, which wisdom skill refers to bringing our attention to the
present moment
A. Realism
B. Mindfulness
C. Empathy
D. None of the above

9. According to Gottman which of these is NOT one of the predictors of an unhealthy
A. Criticism
B Defensiveness
C. Stonewalling
D. Lack of common interests
10. Negative feedback loops are connected with
A. Open Systems
B. Closed systems
C. Both of the above
D. None of the above
11. According to lecture, Borderline Personality Disorder is best treated with what type of
a) Existential Psychotherapy
b) Behavior Therapy
c) Psychodynamic Therapy
d) Dialectical Behavior Therapy
12. What are the three components of an apology?
A) “I’m sorry,” “my bad,” and “I won’t do it again”
B) “I’m sorry,” my bad,” and “please forgive me”
C) "I'm sorry,” “my bad,” and “what can I do to make it right?”
D) “I’m sorry,” “let’s move on,” and "I won't do it again”
13. Something is considered pathological when:
A) it interferes with school/work, interferes with social life/relationships, and causes subjective
B) it interferes with school/work, interferes with social life/relationships, and defies the norm
C) it interferes with school/work, interferes with social life/relationships, and causes a person’s
core values to change
D) it does not follow a logical path
14) For an experimental design study to have high internal validity, it must have:
a) random selection, a control group, and a double-blind design
b) random selection, a control group, and random assignment
c) random selection, a control group, and the inclusion of a placebo
d) random selection, a control group, and a statistically significant sample size
15) What is the intention behind meditation practice?
a. To become aware of subconscious patterns of thought that influence our behaviors.
b. To train the mind to be more present, less reactive, and reduce attachment.
c. To let go of past traumatic experiences and overcome inherent fears.
d. To only experience transcendent states of mind rather than everyday emotions.
16) Personality characteristics are different from other psychological features in that they are set
early in life and therefore cannot change.
a. True
b. False
17) While driving on a freeway, someone cuts you off and you think that person must be a jerk
for doing that, rather than considering that maybe he/she did not see you. That’s an example of…
a. Fundamental attribution error
b. Transfer
c. Negative reinforcement
d. Accurate thinking given that all people who don’t drive the way we want are jerks!
18) Which would be the best example of saying sorry to improve one's relationship, as stated in
class and in the last lecture:
a. Say sorry, take responsibility, respectfully ask how you can make the situation right.
b. Say sorry, take responsibility, respectfully ask them to stop making you react.
c. Say sorry, take responsibility, ask for forgiveness and promise to never again.
d. Say sorry, take responsibility, respectfully ask them to say sorry also, so you both can be equals.
e. Say sorry, take responsibility, ask for forgiveness and buy chocolates.
19) According to John Gottman:
a) There is no evidence that love maps are useful
b) Contempt is one of the highest predictors of divorce
c) Similar interests is the highest predictor of success in relationships
d) Emotional regulation does not predict relationship success
20) Gottman’s research on romantic relationships suggests that when it comes to conflicts
A) There are no conflicts in successful relationships
B) The ratio of positive to negative is 2:1
C) In successful relationships most conflicts are not solved but are coped with through skills
that build positive sentiment override
D) None of the above
21) Which are major predictors of divorce in a relationship?
A) Defensiveness
B) Criticism
C) Contempt
D) All of the above except
22) As per IRF book, which health benefit is NOT associated with long term committed
relationship and married persons?
A) Longer lives
B) Better health and wellbeing of children
C) Generally better mental and physical health
D) Increased risk of hypertension
23) What wisdom skill is most prominently displayed when a person volunteers to care for an
infant in order to relieve a (stranger) mother from a distressing situation?
A) Mindfulness
B) Compassion
C) Emotional intelligence
D) Gratitude
24) Systems theory characteristics that makes it most difficult for couples to break from a cycle of
criticism, and defensiveness?
A) Open system
B) Inertia
C) Negative feedback loops
D) Disequilibrium
25) Saying “people are always doing that” or “I never catch a break” is what kind of cognitive
a) Shoulds
b) Catastrophizing
c) Disqualifying the positive
d) Labeling
26. Which of the following theorists focused on meaning in life and based his existential
approach on experiences he had as a prisoner in a Nazi concentration camp?
a. Carl Jung
b. Sigmund Freud
c. Victor Frankl
d. Martin Seligman
27) According to lecture and article on Wisdom Therapy, what is humility?
a. It is recognizing that our perceptions are subjective.
b. It is recognizing that our perceptions and beliefs change over time.
c. It is the appreciation and respect for the grand scale of things and events.
d. All of the above
28) By increasing EI, an individual will have increased knowledge about which one of the
a. The ability to use verbal and nonverbal cues and context.
b. Knowledge of psychological dimension to identify and regulate the emotions of self and others.
c. The ability to activate emotions at the right time and place and to the right degree.
d. The ability to apply these processes adaptively in social interactions.
e. All of the above.
29) According to Dr. Kubber-Ross, the stages of grief are
a) Depression, bargaining, anger, denial, acceptance
b) Bargain, anger, acceptance, denial, depression
c) Acceptance, anger, denial, bargaining, depression
d) Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance
30) A parental substitute grandparent
a) Entertains and distracts his/her grandchildren
b) Buys his/her grandchildren gifts
c) Lives in the home with his/her grandchildren
d) Is geographic or emotional distant from his/her grandchildren
31) Some of the Strategies and Rules for Family Finance are
a) Use debt wisely and save for emergencies
b) Don’t buy in a hurry and get expert help when uncertain (investor, banker, etc.)
c) Treat your money with dignity and put your investments in hard to reach places
d) All of the above
32) For a family, acute stressors are:
a) Typically unexpected, sudden, and demand tremendous resources to cope with them
b) Expected life events and processes that bring stress gradually over long periods of time
c) Failures in the family to accomplish it’s long term goals
d) None of the above
33) I start realizing my frustration is increasing into anger during an argument, so I call for a
break and walk away, then later approach the person to talk about the issue in question’,
this is an example of _________.
a. Mindfulness
b. Emotional intelligence
c. Avoidance
d. A & B
e. None of the above
34) Which of the following is not one of the ‘Love Languages’?
a. Words of affirmation
b. Physical touch
c. Quality time
d. Taking selfies
35) Which of the following is the correct order of the three stages of a healthy relationship?
a. Independentàdependentàinterdependent
b. Dependentàindependentàinterdependent
c. Independentàdependentàco-dependent
d. Interdependentàco-dependentà independent
36) According to lecture, which of the following is not one of the ways to observe the change
in your emotion as you practice new emotional regulation skills?
a. Frequency
b. Duration
c. Change in finances
d. Intensity
37) According to Jon Gottman, which of the following is not one of the things that he
observed from unsuccessful couples?
a. Contempt
b. Criticism
c. Stonewalling
d. Take a break
38) If one has a strong genetic predisposition for depression, then
a. They’ll get depressed at some point regardless of environment
b. They’ll get depressed but it may be misdiagnosed
c. May not get depressed depending on development & coping skills
d. There’s no way to assess for whether one has a genetic predisposition
39) Considered cross-cultural universals, according to Evolutionary Psychology, which of the
following do women tend not consider much in rating the attractiveness of men?
a. Access to resources
b. Intelligence
c. Strength
d. Symmetry of face
e. Commitment
40) Considered cross-cultural universals, which of the following do men tend not consider much in
rating the attractiveness of women?
a. Waist to hips ratio
b. Cues of youth
c. Cues for health
d. Fidelity
e. Access to resources
41) Open systems tend to:
a. lead to more escalations
b. lead to less escalations
c. Be associated with positive feedback loops rather than negative feedback loops
d. Be associated with fewer inputs
e. None of the above
42) If someone insults you at a party and you attribute your anger to the insult, according to systems
theory, it is an example of:
a. Proximity Bias
b. Transfer
c. Inertia
d. Closed systems
43) In Systems Theory, a negative feedback loop means:
a. As conditions change, more negative outcomes are observed.
b. Increases in a phenomena lead to additional increases
c. It is most related to a system in equilibrium
d. Is most characteristic of closed systems rather than open systems
e. The loop around campus that actually gets you to the parking lot!
44) The following is an example of confirmation bias:
a. I believe that Obama is a good president so I focus on his successes
b. I believe that Trump will make a bad president so I focus on his successes
c. I believe that Trump will make a good president so I have my head examined
d. I tend to repeatedly confirm reservations at restaurants
Questions 45-46, assume you are conducting an experiment to see whether meditation reduces
anxiety. In this study:
45) One’s level of anxiety is:
a. An independent variable
b. A dependent variable
c. Only his internal validity if external validity is high
d. Related to the experimental group but not the control group
e. None of the above
46) In order to infer causality, the study would need to:
a. Be Correlational Design
b. Include Random Selection but not necessarily random assignment
c. Have external validity but not necessarily internal validity
d. Be Experimental Design
47) According to the article and class discussion on The Metaphor Framing Effect and Metaphor
Processing Termination Model, if one describes life challenges, like this test, as ‘opportunities
to practice’ whereas another describes it as a problem, one’s experience of the test is:
a. More likely to be influenced by those metaphors if they are experts
b. Less likely to be influenced by those metaphors if they are experts
c. There should be no difference in persuasion for experts vs. novices because
metaphors are always influential.
d. None of the above because this test is actually more like waterboarding
48) Personality traits are always enduring over time, so by definition can’t change.
a. True
b. False
49) Unlike cognitive intelligence (IQ), emotional intelligence (EQ):
a. Doesn’t change much
b. Cannot be taught
c. Cannot be measured
d. Can be both taught and measured
50) The classic inverse U-shape performance curve covered in class and your book suggests that:
a. The lower the stress the better the performance
b. More stress may not be uncomfortable but it will always increase performance
c. Expertise increases performance while simultaneously reducing stress
d. Stress is irrelevant to performance
51) Which of the following is false of correlations?
a. A .2 correlation is lower than a .5 correlation
b. Correlations demonstrate causality
c. Weak correlations sometimes have a negative sign
d. Correlation of .5 accounts for 25% of the variance between variables
52) Which aspect of wisdom is most related to dishabituating to ongoing everyday conditions?
a. Empathy
b. Mindfulness
c. Gratitude
d. Humility
53) With regards to class discussion regarding the performance curve, which of the following is false?
a. The average person performs best with moderate stress
b. With practice we can perform better with low stress
c. Stress may not be pleasant but more of it always leads to better performance
d. All of the above are true
54) Which of the Wisdom skills discussed in class and listed below refer, in part, to the recognition
that our current beliefs will likely change over time, and that others can perceive the same events
a. Mindfulness
b. Humility
c. Gratitude
d. None of the above
55. Which of the following is not one of the highest predictors of divorce?
a. Contempt
b. Emotional instability
c. Low impulse control
d. Low similarity of interests
e. Low openness to experience
56. According to your text and lecture, with regards to depression,
a. There are no gender differences
b. Males are more prone to depression
c. Females are more prone to depression at all ages
d. Females are more prone to depression after puberty
57. Which is the most successful parental style wherein parents provide both moderate structure
and high nurturing?
a. authoritarian
b. permissive
c. authoritative
d. collaborative
58. If you present evidence that’s counter to my belief, and as a result, I change my mind about
that belief, that process would be an example of:
a. assimilation.
b. accommodation.
c. generativity.
d. conservation.
59. Patti does not speed on the highway because she is afraid of others getting hurt. If Patti uses
this type of moral reasoning in most situations, one could say that Patti is exhibiting which level
of kholberg’s moral development?
a. preconventional
b. conventional
c. postconventional
d. postformal
60. If a test successfully tests what it’s suppose to be testing,
it is said to have high ______________.
a. validity.
b. reliability.
c. objectivity.
d. standardization.
61. Regarding sexual orientation, which of the following statements is FALSE?
a. Sexual orientation is a very deep part of personal identity.
b. The chances are practically nil of an exclusively heterosexual or homosexual person being
“converted” from one sexual orientation to the other.
c. Sexual orientation is usually quite stable, although, for some people, sexual behavior may
change during the course of a lifetime.
d. Sexual orientation is mainly a learned behavior and, therefore, very unstable and
62. Given two identical twins separated at birth, if one identical twin identifies themselves as
homosexual or bisexual, what is the percent chance that the other twin will too?
a. 10 percent
b. 20 percent
c. 50 percent
d. 90 percent
63. The four phases of the sexual response cycle are the same for
a. only heterosexuals.
b. only homosexuals.
c. heterosexuals and bisexuals, but not homosexuals.
d. all sexual orientations.
64. Regarding studies of sexually active teenagers and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs),
which of the following statements is FALSE?
a. Nearly 90 percent of the teenage girls in one study thought that they had no chance of
getting an STD, but one in four got chlamydia or gonorrhea within the next 18 months.
b. A study of sexual relationships at a Midwestern high school found that a student having
sex with only one person had indirect contact with dozens or even hundreds of others.
c. Many people who carry STDs remain asymptomatic.
d. It is almost impossible for a person to have an STD without knowing it.
65. A study that compared happily married couples with unhappily married couples found that, in
almost every regard, the happily married couples
a. never had any arguments.
b. had a good sex life that helped them through the bad times.
c. showed superior communication skills.
d. had stable financial resources.
66. According to Gottman and Krokoff, there are three patterns that are almost always related to
serious long-term problems in relationships. These include all of the following EXCEPT
a. defensiveness (including whining).
b. frustration.
c. stubbornness.
d. contempt
67. Japan and other Asian cultures place a greater emphasis on which of the following than do
cultures, such as the United States?
a. self-concept
b. collectivism
c. being independent
d. a person’s outstanding performance
68. Which theories of personality stress subjective experience, personal growth, & self actualization?
a. trait theories
b. humanistic theories
c. behaviorist theories
d. psychodynamic theories
69. If a personality test measures consistently every time it is given, we say that the test is
a. valid.
b. reliable.
c. projective.
d. objective.
70. The best known and most widely used objective personality test is the
a. Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2.
b. Thematic Apperception Test.
c. Rotter Incomplete Sentences.
d. Rorschach Inkblot Test.
71. Which of the following is NOT one of the dimensions in the “Big Five” factor model of
a. openness to experience
b. neuroticism
c. agreeableness
d. melancholia
72. According to Robert Sternberg, different forms of love arise from different combinations of
which three components?
a. intimacy, passion, and commitment
b. homogamy, affiliation, and social exchange
c. liking, loving, and similarity
d. self-disclosure, social comparison, and social exchange
73. Alber Ellis postulated Rational-emotive behavior therapy in which he attributes negative
emotions such as fear and anger to
a. irrational beliefs.
b. unconscious drives.
c. a loss of meaningfulness in one's life.
d. avoidance learning.
74. In the Stanford Prison study, normal healthy male college students were paid to serve as
“prisoners” and “guards” in a simulated prison. During this research,
a. the “prisoners” did not take their roles seriously.
b. the “guards” did not take their roles seriously.
c. the “prisoners” quickly became passive and dehumanized.
d. the “prisoners” and the “guards” quickly became too friendly towards one another.
75. Solomon Asch’s classic experiment (in which subjects judged a “standard” line and
“comparison” lines) showed that
a. subjects yielded to group pressure in only 25% of the critical test trials.
b. subjects were not nervous or upset about making judgments different from the group.
c. 75% of the subjects yielded to group pressure at least once.
d. subjects were largely unaffected by group pressure.
Congratulations on completing the exercise!
Enjoy the break! ….use those opportunities to practice.
Cartoons & Quotes for your enjoyment:
Sorry, I can’t today
My sister’s friend’s mother’s grandpa’s
brother’s grandson’s uncle’s fish got sick,
and yes, it was tragic!
Optional Feedback
1) Were the ‘opportunities to practice’ a useful part of the course?
2) What were your favorite parts of the course?
3) What were your least favorite parts of the course?
4) Would you recommend the course overall?
5) Would you recommend the instructor overall?
6) Suggestions for improvements




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