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高分电影学essay代写_专业电影学论文代写_高分电影学作业代写 Film Review of Midnight Dinner Since the movie was released in 2011, Midnight Dinner has been enjoying great popularity among the Japanese audience and the a..

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Film Review of “Midnight Dinner”
Since the movie was released in 2011, “Midnight Dinner” has been enjoying great
popularity among the Japanese audience and the audience from other corners of the world.
Unlike the Hollywood films that feature fantastic visual effects and thrilling plots, “Midnight
Dinner” still leaves deep impressions on me. Set in a small Izakaya that has 12 seats and
opens between 12 a.m. to 7 a.m., this movie series narrates the story between the owner “The
Master” and his guests, with each episode usually featuring one major character. Despite its
simple setting, “Midnight Dinner” still successfully appeals to the viewers and brings them a
sense of warmth at the same time of bringing a sense of mystery and introducing the Japanese
Although the food presented in this film is quite ordinary, it still catches the viewer's’
hearts and brings them a sense of warmth in a dark night of loneliness. As a movie that occurs in a Izakaya, one essential aspect that decides the attractiveness of the movie is
whether it presents delicious food of good quality to the consumers. If the food is not
attractive enough, then this movie will be likely to fail. For instance, in “Eat Drink Man
Woman,” Taiwanese director Ang Lee pays great attention to the description of the food
presented in the camera. For instance, as the family members of Mr. Zhu get together and eat
dinner, only three courses are offered on the table. But these three courses that are quite rich
in color and complex in texture are visually appealing and fully reveal the excellent cooking
skills of Mr. Zhu. As the viewers watch this scene, they will also get tempted by the fabulous
food. However, as the viewers watch “Midnight Dinner,” they will immediately realize that
the movie does not present a variety of courses that look fantastic. Instead, the courses
offered in this Izakaya are ordinary and overwhelmingly pork miso soup, an ordinary and
cheap course quite common to see in Japan. Despite the simple materials, the audiences could
still feel The Master’s excellent cooking skills. As the Master says that he will “do the best he
can” with all the materials he has to satisfy the consumers’ requirements (Abe), he
demonstrates his great familiarity with different Japanese courses and his great confidence in
his cooking skills. In fact, the simple courses also help transfer the attention of the consumers
from the tastes of the courses to the plot of the whole movies.The narrative style of “Midnight Dinner” that usually focuses on one guest could guide
the viewers to dig deep into the psychological activities of the guests, which makes it more
likely for viewers to resonate. I still remember clearly the first time I saw “Midnight Dinner.”
It is about a female called Kawashima Tamako as a mistress of a rich old man. However,
after that old man is dead, she gets nothing in return and goes to the Master’s Izakaya. As I
listen to the conversation between the Master and Kawashima Tamako, I learn that Tamako is
also a victim. Although it is the choice of her to become a mistress, Tamako is also a victim
of poverty who has been on the verge of starvation in her childhood. As a result, she becomes
cold to such emotions and feelings as love, friendship, and so on. However, with the Master
as a complete stranger, she could tell whatever she wants and how she feels about her past
experience. Tamako is not the only one who could not tell the surrounding people about the
true thoughts. There are other people in “Midnight Dinner” who have issues in their social
relationships and could not fall asleep at night going to Izakaya and talking with the Master.
For those modern viewers who have been suffering from loneliness and choose to watch TVs
late at night, Izakaya is greatly appealing. It has become a shelter where they could release
their inner thoughts and tell their inner thoughts at will. During this process, a sense of mystery is created. On the one hand, although this movie
features the Master as the protagonist, quite limited information could be gained from the
movie. It is even impossible to know the past experience of the Master. On the other hand, it
is the same case with the guests who make their appearances in the Izakaya. Little is known
about where they would go and what would happen to them. The presence of the mysterious
sense is of great importance to illustrate that the statuses between the guests and the Master
are equal. They also have no possible conflicts of interests. That is why the guests are willing
to tell their stories and become open to the Master. It also gives the Master the position to
offer valuable advice by standing in the position of caring for the guests without causing the
doubts from the latter. In other words, the sense of mystery to a large extent helps cultivate
the atmosphere of the pub as a shelter of acquiring healing and gaining warmth in a busy
urban city.
Based on the above illustration, it is quite apparent that “Midnight Dinner” is an excellent
movie. Although all the stories happen in a small Izakaya that has 12 seats and opens
between 12 a.m. to 7 a.m, the stories are quite engaging and attractive. The food introduced
in this movie is simple but delicious and demonstrates the excellent skills of the Master.
“Midnight Dinner” successfully appeals to the viewers and bring them a sense of worms at
the same time of bringing a sense of mystery and introducing the Japanese food. In an era
when the social relationships between people become more remote and distant, Izakaya introduced in “Midnight Dinner” offers an excellent shelter where the guests could feel the
warmth and the desires to express themselves.
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