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英国Personal Statement个人陈述怎么写?(附范文)_DueEssay论文代写

英国Personal Statement个人陈述怎么写?(附范文)

英国Personal Statement个人陈述-Personal Statement个人陈述 我喜欢有历史和秘密的城市。有趣的是,当你走进几百年前在一个经历了几个世纪进步的城市所投下的阴影中。对我来说,保存完好..

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英国Personal Statement个人陈述怎么写?(附范文)

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英国Personal Statement个人陈述-Personal Statement个人陈述 
I love cities with histories and secrets. It’s interesting when you walk into shadows that casted hundreds of years ago in a city who endures centuries of progresses. For me, the well-preserved ancient lifestyle is another attraction of these cities.
I always want to pursue an art degree in one of British’s great universities. I am much more determined for this goal when I have visited British in person. I was born with a fashion acumen and found my muse in British especially in those museums and art galleries. Also, various fashion and art shows with free entry have indulged my desire to learn and create. On the other hand, British is renowned for its cultural diversity especially in fashion. I can find fashion magazines of all countries in here. In addition, people in here have exposure to the most up-to-date fashion trend, shows and flagships of top-tier brands. This is reflected in British people’s clothes. In my concern, all of these are great materials for fashion research.
Fashion can be defined as an industry that both creative and preserves legacy. University of the Arts London has inherited these attributes: a long history and the most up-to-date fashion creativity. UAL provides a platform for youngsters who aim to make a difference in the world of fashion by having the best fashion designers in its faculty, holding international conferences and corporations and aligning with the best beliefs and concepts. I am pretty sure that University of the Arts London is the best choice for me. 
我在学习高级课程时接触过艺术课程。因为“了解你自己”是每个艺术家探索世界的目的,我在学习过程中也看到了一个更清晰的自我形象。我在时装艺术中找到了一份礼物和灵感。在学习过程中,我也获得了独立思考和批判性思维的能力。I approached art courses during the study of A-level courses. As “Know Thyself” is every artist’s aim in their exploration of the world, I also see a clearer image of myself during my study experiences. I find a gift and inspiration for myself in the art of fashion. I have also acquired independent mind and the ability of critical thinking during my study experiences.
To gain more exposure, I had done a summer internship in a local art gallery. I successfully acquired the technique of art work display for the purposes of attracting more customers by applying consumer psychological marketing. I also learned first-hand painting techniques from the director in the art gallery to polish and renovate my works. He taught me to view and create art from an unconventional perspective. It was a journey for a better taste of beauty as well as to strengthen my mind. I am also a good team player. I took part in the group work of Gold Dofe. It was a team work which required all team members to work with each other according to the plan and finish the task. I found myself developed a lot by cooperating with my team members and overcoming obstacles together. In addition, I also had another experience in the local charity organization for volunteer work.  I treasured the moment spent in there because that was where I felt love and generosity by giving and helping others. I found inner peace and bless by passing love and hope to others. And I think that’s what shapes a beautiful and innocent mind without which one cannot create defined art works. I love making friends and learning from different cultures from which I developed my communication abilities. I always believe that efficient communication makes effective management. I also love shopping but never addict to it. I think a unique taste and perspective is of high value in the industry of fashion. 
My aim is to pursue the degree of Fashion Management in University of the Arts London. I see a broad career development and an increasing needs for professionals from this major both within China’s market and internationally. I also highly treasure the opportunity to interact with people from various countries as I will get the motivation to broaden my horizon, nourish my life experiences and gain more perspectives for fashion from different culture.
I plan to gain more practical experiences during my journey of study and I plan to seek working opportunities in British upon graduation. I may establish my own studio if I find appropriate partners. On the other hand, I might also consider a career development in China since the market needs are still huge for talents with fashion and art management abilities. 

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